In this technology era, GOBS is created with the purpose of enhancing the community's operational efficiency by managing payments, facilities booking, broadcasting, emergency assistance, and more.

GOBS technology will store all data on advanced and secure cloud storage to protect clients' privacy and it can easily integrate into any hardware & software with both Android and iOS version.
Happy people, happy life with GOBS
To have better interactions & high security living space for every home
Life become more ease as you can do everything with just using GOBS at anytime and anywhere
Stay connected with your neighbourhood all the time. Latest neighbourhood events will be updated in the Announcement board whereby everyone able to view and attend the event
With the advance technology to track down all visitors and contractors history, burglars can be prevented
When things able to settle at ease, get connected with your neighbourhood with good relation and when your home is safe with the strong technology, your life will be more happier with less worries
Manage your visitors at ease! GOBS allow a pre-registration of visitors and contractors even before they appear! Pre-registration works by sending in request online and based on an approval based, visitors can now enjoy the convenience of not needing to walk in the management office.
Get your facilities and car park booked via GOBS. Check out the real time availability, status update, deposit details, and terms & conditions.
Say no to bad debt with GOBS! View the monthly invoice statement, track payment record, or even make payment with GOBS with just a few taps!
Broadcast management works like a notice board! Not everyone noticing what’s on the notice board? That’s where GOBS step in to get everyone well informed.
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